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Crow Zero 3 "Crows Explode"

Written By anastasius bagus on Monday, April 8, 2013 | 11:18 AM

Crow Zero 3 cast
Crow Zero 3 cast 

This is the movie that has been waiting by "Crows" movie and comic lovers, This movie is called Crows Zero 3 or "Crows Explode".

Many people actually a little bit confused, because it deviated from the Crows Explode they estimated, many people assumes that in this movie will be blonde "Bouya Harumichi", but he was not. Maybe, people not familiar with new character in this Crows Explode movie, except Katagiri and Rindaman from previous Crows Zero movie.

Crows Explode will tell the story of a new student at Suzuran High School. Tora Gora, a new 3rd grade student, played by Yuya Yagira, will face the new challenges of a transfer student from 1st grade new student after Genji Takiya and Tamao Serizawa graduated. Starring The protagonist, a transfer student named Kaburagi, will be played by Masahiro Higashide. He will face the 1st grade student named Ryohei Kagami, played by Taichi Saotome, because they aim to become the top ruler.

Explanation from newbie like me:
Crows Explode was story a month after graduation of Genji Takiya which saying he's not come back again to the Suzuran.
The story still connect anyway, still worth to wait because this movie do not have strayed away if you all read the "Crows" comics, too. Anyway, Genji and Serizawa was not in the comics because the story in Films are changing, because Genji and Serizawa are from different generation. They are from "Worst" generation, and Harumichi from "Crows" generation. It was two different comic.
If Crows tells one year after graduation of  Genji, so can you answer this question..
1. In "Crows Zero 1" Genji was on what grade he attend, and how about Serizawa ?
2. In "Crows Zero 2" Genji was on what grade he attend, and why Serizawa not hang out on the school roof anymore?
3. In "Crows Zero 2" what grade Rindaman attend?

According to the Crows comic, Harumichi and Rindaman already third grade, but in the first movie, Rindaman monster of first grade, not perhaps fitting Rindaman already 3rd grade, Genji still not graduated yet. Genji first entry in Suzuran Highschool already 2nd grade, based on this so if genji is 3rd grade, Rindaman on 2nd grade, fitting harumichi entry, Rindaman 3rd grade and Genji already graduated, so not likely he (Genji) will appears again.
If you are likes Crows comics too, definitely you are familiar with J Soul Brothers (Sandaime J Soul Brothers).
Of course, there will be Nagayama Kento, Iwata Takanori, ELLY, Higashide Masahiro, and there is still Katagiri too.


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