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Human Face River Seen From Space

Written By anastasius bagus on Thursday, June 27, 2013 | 7:57 AM

Human Face River Seen From Space
Human Face River Seen From Space (c)Softpedia
Do you remember with Chris Hadfield, a former commander of the international space station. Despite having returned to earth and announced his resignation, former astronauts to bring back stunning images the picture is in outer space.

This time through his Twitter account, Hadfield posted a picture of a green colored lake located in Germany, the picture is in space. Interestingly, the image stream taken by Hadfield shows the shape of the lake resembles a human face.

By posting the images through a Twitter account, the followers (followers) Hadfield even express my gratitude to each photo was posted. Based on the information circulated, now Hadfield has approximately 1 million followers in just a few weeks after landing back on Earth.

Hadfield had previously posted a video that explains how to cook, cry, sleep, exercise in space and much more. Not only that, he has ever posted and upload various images on Twitter one of them as the tragic bombings in Boston.

Using SOYUS spacecraft from Russia, the capsule successfully brought three astronauts returned to Earth. These include three astronauts Chris Hadfield of Canada, Tom Marshburn of NASA, and Russian cosmonaut Roman Romanenko. Thus quoted from Softpedia, Monday (06/24/2013).


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