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Billions of Solar Storms Particle Exposed to Threatened Earth

Written By anastasius bagus on Thursday, June 27, 2013 | 7:34 AM

Sun Storms 2013
Polar Storms Illustration
In addition to news about the emergence or the supermoon, the biggest full moon in 2013, the scientists also reveal solar storms that release of solar particles into space.

Reported by redOrbit on Sunday (23/06/2013), solar particle or a coronal mass ejection (CME) is separated from the sun exactly on June 20, 2013. Scientists say that this CME could potentially hurtling towards Earth.

Billions of these particles can reach the Earth and disrupt the electrical system components, both in the area around the Earth as satellites and electrical devices that exist on Earth. Even so, scientists revealed that the CME will not be able to break through the Earth's atmosphere and is not harmful to humans.

Generally, the CME left the sun at speeds between 500 and 750 miles per second. Scientists believe that the CME is released from the sun on Thursday is the fastest CME speed racing at 1,350 miles per second.

When the solar particles reach Earth, then there is a phenomenon called geomagnetic storms. The phenomenon occurs when energy particles into the Earth's magnetosphere.

Reportedly, these magnetic storms can affect the smoothness of communication signals and can cause surges in power lines. CME is also able to create the aurora phenomenon can be seen clearly in the polar regions.


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