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Shaped Robot Animals Help Patients Healing

Written By anastasius bagus on Thursday, June 27, 2013 | 7:52 AM

Team of researchers from Griffith University, Australia and researchers from Germany revealed that Robo-pets (animal-shaped robot) can assist in the healing of disease dementia in patients.

Reported Mumbaimirror, Tuesday (25/06/2013), a study has found that the interaction with a robot therapy will reduce anxiety and build a positive effect on the quality of their lives. PARO therapeutic robot is called, which is a sea lion-shaped robots.

PARO is equipped with artificial intelligence software and tactile sensors that allow it to respond to touch and sound. It can show emotions such as surprise, happiness and anger.

In addition, the robot also responds to the words that are spoken man. The study involved 18 participants who were in aged care facilities in Queensland, Australia.

The participants in the activity with the activities taking PARO for five weeks and also participate in group activities for some period. The findings suggest that robots have a positive impact, impact on quality of life clinically, increased levels of pleasure and reduce anxiety.

"Our study provides an important initial support for the idea that presenting robot supplement related to the activities that are being used and can be aged as companions to greater life therapy and in particular, for those who have moderate or severe cognitive impairment," said Glenda Cook researchers from Northumbria University.


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